Asian Stud: Louis Koo Tin-Lok

Hong Kong based Lous Koo (b. 1970) has become somewhat of a fixture in his native home town. The 5’11” actor started out mostly in television and has become quite popular in Asia, but of course unknown in the US and the West. While it is common in the East for people to be well-familiar with Western media – in fact, they are inundated with it) – the reverse is never reciprocated in the West. Primarily, this is due to the fact that American media regularly export, but seldome import any Asian media in the mainstream – unless it’s patently slated for the ‘artsy’ crowd; while the more mainstream Asian ‘pop’ movies designed for mass consumption never makes it to US shores because the Hollywood studios will leverage their monopoly and buy the rights to Asian films and REMAKE/bastardize them with an all White cast. Well, we can rant on this more later …

Louis Koo
Louis KooLouis Koo

~ by laozi on January 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Asian Stud: Louis Koo Tin-Lok”

  1. Way hot! IMO, he is up there with Takeshi. *droools*

  2. I Think what you wrote are not completely right up to now! As I know he has gained fame in other areas (besides Asia) after Election! In addition, he has appeared on movies more than TV series!

  3. Handsome

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